Commissioning New Music

From birthdays, anniversaries and graduations, to civic celebrations, to the rewarding of a gifted or beginning music student, a specially commissioned piece of music is a simple and accessible gift. Even for the person who has everything, you can bet they probably don’t have music dedicated to them with their own name incorporated into the notes.

When you commission a new work from Joseph Bertolozzi, you can count on:

  • Artistic technique of the highest quality
  • A reputation for reliability in delivering the product on time and to spec
  • Experience in writing for large-scale productions as well as intimate works
  • Recognition as a legitimate composer of art music
  • An existing relationship with the professional music community and the media and a willingness to work towards the promotion of the new piece beyond its original circumstances if so desired
  • Experience in producing quality recordings

Examples of Bertolozzi’s music commissioned for specific occasions are

As mentioned above, oftentimes the name of the dedicatee can be incorporated into the piece itself, further personalizing the gift or occasion. Examples range from simple melodies for beginning musicians (Sarah & Liony Click here to listen) to elaborate works for full orchestra (“An Age Will Come…” Click here to listen).

Prices vary according to instrumentation and length. Please contact to inquire, and a proposal or two can be drawn up for your consideration according to your budget at no charge or obligation.