Wedding Music

Joseph Bertolozzi, organist in 2004. Photo by Elliot Levine

Joseph Bertolozzi has played organ and piano for well over two thousand weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and other special occasions, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to your event. He has played on organs of all kinds, both pipe and electronic, and on pianos and digital keyboards. He is happy to accompany the singers and instrumentalists from among your friends and family as well as hired professional singers and instrumentalists, and can even help acquire such musicians for you.

He is at home playing popular music as well as classical music and the traditional standards, according to your taste; he is there to serve YOU. He will consult with you to bring your own special touch to your ceremony, navigating you through possible challenges. For instance, note that while you can usually use any type of music for civil ceremonies [those conducted by a judge, justice of the peace, ship captain, etc.], many religious institutions maintain restrictions as to the type of music they allow in their sanctuaries. Some do not allow songs omitting a reference to God; others do not allow popular music, even Christian rock, at all; it is rarely appropriate to use the traditional “Here Comes The Bride” in a Jewish wedding as it was written by a notorious anti-Semite, something the rabbi would certainly pick up on, even if you had no idea. Even within a certain tradition though, there are varying levels of conservatism and tolerance, and Mr. Bertolozzi will help you to considerĀ the right questions.

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