Technical Rider


Photo: © 2003, Roland Hauer

PLEASE contact us if there are any questions regarding modifications to this rider. We try to cover most situations, and will be happy to work with you toward a pleasant experience for all parties.

Joseph Bertolozzi (JB) will be traveling with one stage technician.

The venue will provide:
[1] A flat, level platform/surface of at least 12 feet deep by 12 feet wide with 8.5 feet to 9 feet of head clearance. The actual footprint is 10 feet wide X 9 feet deep, and for special circumstances such as filming, etc. an exception to the 12 X 12 minimum can be made. More space is highly desirable.
[2] Two people available at the venue to help with load-in, setting up the Bronze Collection rig, tearing it down, and load-out.
[3] JB will require 2 hours to setup The Bronze Collection with the help of the two people in addition to himself and his technician, as outlined in item 2 above. He will require 1.5 hours to break down the rig. These time frames are in addition to load-in and load-out. With repeated performances at the same venue and with the same helpers, it is possible that these times can be shortened.
[4] Free, safe parking for JB’s truck or car & trailer for the duration of the event or with extra help, it is possible that these times can be dramatically shortened.
[5] Free and safe storage, with reasonable access, for The Bronze Collection during multiple performances over more than one day, or during a residency, etc.
[6] If available, a “green room” available before the concert with one liter of water each for Bertolozzi and stage technician.
[7] A hot meal for JB and assistant between sound check and performance.
[8] One vocal mic with either a straight stand or a boom, and an appropriate sound system for addressing the audience [only if both the venue is large and it’s necessary to address the audience during the event, ie: for a concert, perhaps yes, as grounds entertainment, perhaps not]. If a sound system is necessary [for broadcast, amplification, etc.], please contact us for further requirements.
[9] If outdoors, a canopy/tent to protect from rain/sun.
[10] One table for the display and sales of recordings before, during and after the event.
[11] Please do not play music prior to the concert or during setup time.
[12] JB will leave the stage/performance area 30 minutes prior to the performance
[13] The concert will last about 1.5 hours, including a 15 minute intermission
[14] JB will be available to audience members on-stage following the program for questions and closer viewing of the gongs unless otherwise requested.



Tech Director for Venue