Concerts & Workshops

Photo: © 2004, Tsuyoshi Toya

The Bronze Collection is available for concerts, parties, receptions, grounds entertainment, residencies, lecture demonstrations/workshops and in-school presentations.


Concerts and/or performances on The Bronze Collection can include the following suites:


1. The Summons/Setting Sail
2. The First Landfall
3. The Waves of the Lindenbrook Sea
4. Relentless: Toward the Horizon
5. On The Sea of Japan
6. The Homecoming

(c. 35 minutes)


The Great Pyramid at Giza
Man fears Time, but Time fears the Pyramids.
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Thick trees, fragrant fruits, and aromatic flowers rise above the desert floor.
The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
Behold the priestly chants, prayers ascending heavenwards like incense, to Zeus.
The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
The goddess of hunters and the woodlands presides over her forest.
The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
Is it the wind or is it the cries of the spirits within which sound among these pillars?
The Colossus of Rhodes
After 56 years, this 110-foot tall bronze statue crashed to the ground in an earthquake.
The Lighthouse of Alexandria
Its great fire and mysterious mirror, shining 35 miles out to sea flickered for 1,300 years in our imaginations.
(c. 40 minutes)

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Bertolozzi is an experienced teacher and natural communicator. He can address any audience at the appropriate level, from a third grade class learning about music from other cultures, to general lectures to the public, to highly technical workshops for collegiate & professional musicians. He weaves not only the musical aspects of his work into his demonstrations, but also elements of geography, world culture, metallurgy, physics, history, formal music composition and a healthy dose of creativity. His high-quality handouts are filled with information and a bibliography for further investigation.

A sample five-day residency for elementary through high school age students, in addition to daily musical demonstrations, Q & A, and hands-on music making, might look like this:

1. Introduction: Types of gongs and cymbals, geographical origins, anthropological and cultural uses.
2. The manufacturing process and the properties of different metals and shapes in relation to the sound.
3. Playing techniques, the uses of various drumsticks, mallets & strikers, and composing for percussion.
4. Practicum: Student performances upon The Bronze Collection, drawing from the week’s instruction.
5. Final wrap-up, ending with a virtuoso performance by Joseph Bertolozzi for the class or an assembly.

To inquire about residencies, lecture demonstrations/workshops and in-school presentations contact