For the second year in a row the Mid Hudson Children’s Museum has become the winter location of Bridge Music. One of the installation’s Listening Stations is now available for museum-goers to hear.

Museum Director Ed Glisson: “Children and parents are always intrigued with the idea of making music from the bridge steelwork. But, they recognize the concept first-hand as they¬†compose their own music on¬†the pipes and pans here” he said, referring to an associated interactive ‘instrument’ made of tubes and pans.

Joseph Bertolozzi, the composer who created Bridge Music had this to say: “I’m very happy with this ongoing relationship with the Children’s Museum. in making one of the Listening Stations available to the public over the winter months. They mount the Listening Station near a window overlooking the Mid Hudson Bridge for context. Press one of the buttons and hear the bridge that you’re looking at.

The Listening Stations are removed for the winter months and return April 1. There are Park Radio broadcasts that continue year-round on 95.3FM in Waryas Park Poughkeepsie and Johnson-Iorio Park Highland.

The Mid Hudson Children’s Museum is located at 75 N. Water St., Poughkeepsie. For information (845) 471-0589, or go to