Tower Music Dance Project takes a step forward

Here are Livia Vanaver and I at the French Embassy, taking the next steps toward bringing the Tower Music Dance Project to fruition.

The plan is to convene the The Vanaver Caravan and percussive dancer extraordinaire Joel Hanna with several French dance companies & choreographers to present Tower Music in Paris as a public dance event much like last year’s Bridge Music Dance Project (the film of which you can catch on IMDB!).
It’s the beginning of a long process but we had the best initial meeting at the Villa Albertine.

“…an eye illumined by another sun…”

Featured artist Joseph Bertolozzi performs “…an eye illumined by another sun…” on the solo gong at the 9ways Academia Gong Conference in Perkasie, PA, July 10, 2023.

Program Notes

“…an eye illumined by another sun…” takes its formal structure from biblical Hebrew poetry using thought-based parallelism, primarily synthetic: a rhythmic and or timbral premise is proposed, and a variation of the same idea is expanded upon in its next delivery. Two cadences provide the main material, with ensuing variations and digressions along the journey. Filmed by Frederick Noiseux on July 10, 2023 at the 9ways Academia Gong Conference, Perkasie, PA
Score available from