Listening Stations Located Along Mid-Hudson Bridge Sidewalk, Open April through October/Park Radios operate 365/24/7 on

Highland, N.Y.Joseph Bertolozzi’s Bridge Music, a unique sound-art installation featuring the Mid-Hudson Bridge itself as the instrument, is marking 15 years since its original debut. The public is invited to access the music via the listening stations, located along the bridge’s pedestrian walkway, which were reopened on April 1 and are available through the end of October. Bridge Music was originally released in 2009, during the year of the Henry Hudson Quadricentennial celebrations.

Bridge Music contains no other tones than those of the bridge itself, created by sampling the sounds of the bridge’s surfaces (guard rails, girders, etc.) with various mallets. It is a sister project with Bertolozzi’s Tower Music, created on the Eiffel Tower in 2016.

Composer Joseph Bertolozzi said, “It’s hard to believe Bridge Music has been in operation since 2009. We have reanimated the audio experience with the addition of brand new speakers last year for a fresh, crisp new sound. I think listeners will appreciate encountering this new audio adventure along with the river views from the Mid-Hudson Bridge.”

Executive Director of the New York State Bridge Authority Dr. Minosca Alcantara said, “Bridge Music has been a beloved feature of the Mid-Hudson Bridge since it debuted in 2009. Thanks to Joseph Bertolozzi’s creativity, the Mid-Hudson Bridge became not just an important piece of infrastructure, but also one of the largest ‘musical instruments’ in the world. We look forward to the next 15 years of this special sound art installation and encourage everyone to visit the Mid-Hudson to enjoy it.”

Listening Stations are located on the bridge’s towers. The Mid-Hudson Bridge’s pedestrian walkway can be accessed on the Poughkeepsie side from Gerald Drive (off Rinaldi Boulevard) and on the Highland side from Johnson-Iorio Park on Haviland Road. Street signs are also located near the bridge to direct patrons to the listening stations.
In addition, a 24/7 radio broadcast transmits on 95.3FM from the parks flanking the bridge (Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie and Johnson-Iorio Park in Highland).

le projet dansant Musique de la Tour

Hi friends,
You may remember in 2022 I worked with the Vanaver Caravan to bring the Bridge Music Dance Project to life in a live performance and then on the silver screen.

Well now I’m in development with the Vanaver Caravan once again to present the Tower Music Dance Project (or “le projet dansant Musique de la Tour“) in Paris with the Eiffel Tower itself as our backdrop. A target date would be 2025/2026 in a location with a commanding view of the Eiffel Tower. At least two performances are planned, and presentations in other cities are under consideration. We are in conversations with the French Ministry of Culture in producing this.

Led by Livia Vanaver, we convene French and American dance companies & choreographers in Paris to interpret a different movement from my opus with all the companies converging to dance the final movement. Participants from the USA are The Vanaver Caravan with Joel Hanna, and Doug Varone and Dancers; from France, Leela Petronio’s Hip Tap Project, and Swingydibop, and another fabulous company that we’re in talks with.

So anyway this is a way to keep you up to date on what all your positive energy has lent itself to.
More details will come as they happen. Send us positive vibes.

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Celebrate my 65th birthday on Classical WMHT

Celebrate my 65th birthday on Classical WMHT as they air my “Suite Poughkeepsie” this Sunday Feb 4 at 11:40am ET. Listen at 89.1 FM in New York’s Capital Region and 88.7 FM in Poughkeepsie, NY. It can also be heard live on the internet on

This tribute to my hometown was premiered by the Hudson Valley Philharmonic in 1999 for the bicentennial of the founding of the Village of Poughkeepsie. This recording from 2000 is by Seattle Music Inc. under the direction of the late Joel Eric Suben. It features musical scenes of Poughkeepsie as it would be recognized today:

1) A Night at The Bardavon – the city’s premiere theater
2) The Pioneers vs. The Warriors – the city’s two high schools, pitted against each other as rivals
3) The Soldier’s Memorial Fountain – an elegy to the city’s fallen
4) A Feast at The Italian Center – a tarantella for the city’s Italian community
5) A Wedding from Vassar Chapel – a foray into the Arlington section of the city
6) Between the Bridges at Sunset – An image from Waryas Park of the sun going down between the Mid Hudson Bridge and the old railroad bridge, now the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park
Photography by Michael Polito. Album artwork by Todd Poteet