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Tower Music Dance Project takes a step forward

Here are Livia Vanaver and I at the French Embassy, taking the next steps toward bringing the Tower Music Dance Project to fruition. The plan is to convene the The Vanaver Caravan and percussive dancer extraordinaire Joel Hanna with several French dance companies & choreographers to present Tower Music in Paris as a public dance event much like last year’s… Read more →

“…an eye illumined by another sun…”

Featured artist Joseph Bertolozzi performs “…an eye illumined by another sun…” on the solo gong at the 9ways Academia Gong Conference in Perkasie, PA, July 10, 2023. Program Notes “…an eye illumined by another sun…” takes its formal structure from biblical Hebrew poetry using thought-based parallelism, primarily synthetic: a rhythmic and or timbral premise is proposed, and a variation of… Read more →

Solo Gong performance & discussion

Joseph Bertolozzi presents his work for solo gong: “…an eye illumined by another sun…” at the 9Ways Academia in Perkasie, PA., on July 10, 2023, performing and discussing his composition & techniques for the solo gong. All spots are sold out. #gong #bronze collection #bertolozzi #mitchnur     Read more →

Alison Chen & Joseph Bertolozzi

Here with Alison Chen of the Fei Tian College in Middletown, NY after their Spring Gala Performance. She is an illuminatingly sensitive chorographer; her work “Fleeting Moments of Youth” featuring special guest Yungyung Tsuai and company was very moving, and for me a highlight of the program. We met last year when she chorographed the opening set of the Bridge… Read more →


BRIDGE MUSIC SEASON 14 BEGINS…WHAT’S NEW? BRAND NEW SPEAKERS! After 13 years of solid work the original speakers have been retired. We’ve installed these new ones, much bigger and with a greater bass response. Installation is complete for opening day, April 1! This is so darn fun! #bridgemusic, New York State Bridge Authority, Historic Bridges of the Hudson Valley, Dutchess Tourism,… Read more →


Gongs are usually thought of as a “one trick pony”…just a big crash. They are far more nuanced than that as my long history of playing them has revealed. In this video you’ll experience the very real world of artificial harmonics from pitched and supposedly non-pitched gongs. Remember, you heard it here first! Read more →


I will perform new work for solo gong “…an eye illumined by another sun…” Feb 25, 2023 at 8pm at Ramapo College, in Mahwah, NJ. Tix here: https://rcnj.ludus.com/index.php?show_id=20515 This 12 minute work probes the unexpected musical profiles of the solo gong. After years of gigantically public statements in composing Bridge Music upon New York’s Mid Hudson Bridge and Tower Music upon… Read more →


Thanks to Mary Darcy at Classical WMHT for airing my music these past couple weeks. She played my orchestral “Suite Poughkeepsie” in its entirety at the end of October and for this Veteran’s Day “The Soldier’s Memorial Fountain” excerpted from Suite Poughkeepsie. Both were performed by Seattle Music, conducted by Joel Eric Suben.   Read more →

A nice narrative for a composer…

This narrative comes from Wayne Lempka, a listener on Classical WMHT, travelling to Poughkeepsie from nearby New Paltz, NY “Well, today I had to go to a meeting in Poughkeepsie.  I got in my car in the parking lot of SUNY-New Paltz, turned on WMHT and heard “coming up next will be Joseph Bertolozzi’s Suite Poughkeepsie…. Needless to say I was… Read more →