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Alison Chen & Joseph Bertolozzi

Here with Alison Chen of the Fei Tian College in Middletown, NY after their Spring Gala Performance. She is an illuminatingly sensitive chorographer; her work “Fleeting Moments of Youth” featuring special guest Yungyung Tsuai and company was very moving, and for me a highlight of the program. We met last year when she chorographed the opening set of the Bridge… Read more →

Bridge Music Dance Project MOVIE PREMIERE

One summer night 212 feet above the Hudson River, dozens of dancers convened to celebrate the connecting force of bridges to their communities. Come see the Bridge Music Dance Project with Karnatic dance juxtaposed alongside hip-hop, Soca, tap, post-modern, ballet, world, Latin fusion, and more, as each dance interprets a movement of Joseph Bertolozzi’s “Bridge Music” an opus using only… Read more →


The Bridge Music Dance Project premieres at the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park on Saturday June 25, 7:30pm, in the center of the bridge. The event features “Bridge Music,” Joseph Bertolozzi‘s Top Twenty Billboard charting album consisting only of sounds sampled from the Mid Hudson Bridge choreographed by the The Vanaver Caravan and eight dance troupes. Rain date… Read more →


The talented choreographer Maddie Trotter interprets “A Thousand Feet of Sound” from Tower Music in dance at Australia’s Adelaide Fringe Festival! TIX HERE: https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/rip-drag-ruminate-af2018 ! #TowerMusic Maddie Trotter is one of Adelaide’s newest dance makers and movers. What you’ll see at this event is short bursts of fresh dance ideas. The brief for each choreographer is to present innovation in thought and inspiration through action. The… Read more →