le projet dansant Musique de la Tour

Hi friends,
You may remember in 2022 I worked with the Vanaver Caravan to bring the Bridge Music Dance Project to life in a live performance and then on the silver screen.

Well now I’m in development with the Vanaver Caravan once again to present the Tower Music Dance Project (or “le projet dansant Musique de la Tour“) in Paris with the Eiffel Tower itself as our backdrop. A target date would be 2025/2026 in a location with a commanding view of the Eiffel Tower. At least two performances are planned, and presentations in other cities are under consideration. We are in conversations with the French Ministry of Culture in producing this.

Led by Livia Vanaver, we convene French and American dance companies & choreographers in Paris to interpret a different movement from my opus with all the companies converging to dance the final movement. Participants from the USA are The Vanaver Caravan with Joel Hanna, and Doug Varone and Dancers; from France, Leela Petronio’s Hip Tap Project, and Swingydibop, and another fabulous company that we’re in talks with.

So anyway this is a way to keep you up to date on what all your positive energy has lent itself to.
More details will come as they happen. Send us positive vibes.

#towermusic, #bridgemusic, #dancelife