First things first…

In my next blog I’ll take you with me on my trip to Paris to pitch the idea of Tower Music to the tower’s administration (SETE), but first let me introduce you to Peter Emminger, Executive Producer of Tower Music. He helped develop the Bridge Music budget and timeline when it was still slated to be a live event. He does movie openings, cruise ship launches, industrial presentations and just about any large scale event you can imagine. You can find him at, and here in fact is a link to a review of his work as a Technical often does a TP see a dedicated review of their work? The guy’s GOOD!

Peter and I planned our presentation for SETE over the phone, me sending him jpegs and captions, he designing a PowerPoint. We went through more than 10 drafts, and were fine tuning it and the delivery right up until the night before we had our meeting.

Next week…I take you to Paris!