Composer Joseph Bertolozzi has received permission from the Eiffel Tower administration to pursue his “Tower Music” project.

With microphones placed on the tower’s surfaces, he will compose and record original music using only the natural sounds of the Eiffel Tower itself. Further plans call for a series of live concerts during the Tower’s 125th anniversary in 2014. This project is a continuation of the techniques Bertolozzi developed for his 2009 Bridge Music project on New York’s Mid Hudson Bridge.

The Eiffel Tower Operating Company (SETE)  recently sent Bertolozzi written confirmation in a “Letter of Intent”  with approval to pursue Tower Music as a “joint collaboration.”

“In November I went to Paris and pitched my proposal for “Tower Music” or “Musique de la Tour.” I gave the presentation with my Executive Producer Peter Emminger and thought it went very well. They liked the concept and remarked on my respect for the structural integrity of the Eiffel Tower as evidenced by my work on the Mid Hudson Bridge and my intent to continue that approach” says Bertolozzi.

SETE is offering access and infrastructure, but no funding. Like Bridge Music before it, the project must be financed independently through corporate sponsorship, a partnership with an organization like a university and/or media company, or from an individual patron or consortium, wanting to commission a really unique work of art.

The plan calls for two phases

  1. First the Tower’s sounds need to be sampled to locate the notes and write the music. Finished audio files will then be created like was done for Bridge Music. Upon completion the music files will be released for the public to enjoy, but will also be used to promote the second phase, the proposed live concerts. This first stage is fairly clear cut, and has been confirmed to proceed under SETE’s supervision as soon as the funding is in place.
  2. After determining how many musicians will be necessary for the live event, staging requirements, etc., a detailed proposal will be submitted to SETE for evaluation. SETE has no standard protocol for an event like this because it’s never been done before. Because of the massive logistics involved, SETE is exercising caution and reserving the right to approve all steps, exercising an appropriate due diligence. When everything is approved, the live concerts, which are intended to be simulcast (or at least televised) will be organized. The target date is for the 125th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower in 2014.