Pitching the Eiffel Tower – 6 of 6

DAY 5, November 11, 2010, Armistice Day

Eiffel Tower - Photo by Adam Frank

It’s the day after my Tower Music presentation to the Parisian officials (SETE). The positive energy of all my friends and supporters over the past few days catalyzed and sustained me. Now today, it’s freezing and raining in Paris, but nevermind, my apartment came with free calls to the USA (!) so I surprised a few friends, then watched an amazing array of television programs in high definition, including Birtwistle’s modern opera “The Minotaur,” something you’d never see on TV in the US, and generally lazed around taking a much needed breather….good thing I ordered that extra crepe yesterday!

POST SCRIPT: This series was intended to bring you through the excitement leading up to my presentation. Several weeks later SETE sent a written letter of intent offering access and infrastructure for me to create Tower Music. The press picked up the story and made the project an international story.  Next up: financing!