Another day down, 9.5 more to go. I really have gotten faster at choosing and editing the samples. Once I’m all done I may go back and re-check the earlier samples, bringing some of the expertise I’ve gained to the earlier editing, such as smoother fades to cover ground noise.

As I read the time-stamps, I see that, unlike most of the remaining days in which we clocked nine hours onsite (and another 4-5 hours back at the hotel uploading, correcting, editing, shopping, etc.,) this was a short recording day like Day 1, but for a different reason: it was freezing cold and raining pretty strongly (some of which you can hear in the background a little on the recorded samples…some of that ground noise I referred to earlier).

By the way, you may remember this pic of audio engineer Joe Popp and myself laughing like crazy under one of the stairwells.

Joe Popp & Joseph-Bertolozzi at Eiffel Tower having a laugh

This was the day it happened, coming upon an odd confluence of metal surfaces and having to name it for tracking purposes. As we considered the possibilities we started skewing a little off-color. By this time we were tired and cold and a little punchy and it didn’t take long for me to start howling with laughter and then Joe Popp caught the fever!

So today’s tally was roughly 670 raw samples yielding roughly 260 chosen sounds.

Total so far:
roughly 1498 raw sounds yielding roughly 430 chosen sounds

Day 3 starts tomorrow