Well, I’m a quarter of the way through cataloging the Eiffel Tower recording dates if not a quarter of the way through the total samples, but it feels good. Thursday morning I started at 7:30am for the final push…at 11am I looked at the clock and said to myself “I’ll still be here twelve hours from now…”. So finishing at 9:30pm was a triumph.

For this week’s work that would be roughly 963 samples yielding roughly 350 chosen sounds.

The sum of the three day’s recording so far is roughly 2461 samples yielding roughly 780 chosen sounds.

There are 8 more days of samples to catalog. How many of those sounds will actually be used in the music is another story. There is plenty of duplication, so it’s an unknown until the composing begins (or ends, rather) before I can tell you what went into Tower Music.

On a curious note, the other day I noticed a puff of air hitting me in the face and shoulders when listening to a particularly powerful sample with lots of bass and mid-range. I thought it couldn’t be from my audio monitors. True, there was that faint “speaker smell” accompanying the puffs and there aren’t any grills or even cloth over the speaker cones, but it just didn’t seem possible. I closed the windows and sure enough, after repeated tests it proved to be coming from my Equator audio monitors. That was my entertainment for the day!

Finally thanks to all the new friends I’ve made on FaceBook and to AKG, Porta-Brace and for liking/sharing/posting on the Tower Music FB page. Have you “liked” it yet? Here’s your chance, click here and “like” away!

More on the way.