For Day 4’s work I sorted through roughly 660 samples yielding roughly 220 chosen sounds.

The sum of the four day’s recording so far is roughly 3121 samples yielding roughly 1000 chosen sounds.

I’m progressing a little slower now than before because with the constant impact of the metal sounds against my eardrums, I have to take breaks for several consecutive days. This happened when I did Bridge Music too, but I was in my 40’s then and am in my 50’s now. It’s taking a little more time to bounce back!

In fact after I left my studio Friday to go to a rehearsal I saw a window dressing in a store showing an audio waveform, like what I had been seeing on my computer screen or like you might see on an oscilloscope. With no car radio playing and no other sound than my footsteps approaching the door, my ears started twinging…yeah, gotta take breaks!

Do not fear, the music is on the way! Here’s another nice parting shot by Franc Palaia, a pic of one of my collaborators, Gus.

You may know him as Gustave.
Gustave Eiffel.

More to come!