Another day closer to the actual beginning of composing. The stats: roughly 1400 samples yielding roughly 372 chosen samples.

The sum of the 5 days’ recording so far is roughly 4521 total listened-to samples yielding roughly 1372 total chosen samples.

This nice photo from Day 5 (by Joe Popp) shows me smiling, looking much less bedraggled than I do now, weeks after having finally cataloged 1400 recordings!

One of the locations we recorded will not exist much longer though as the Eiffel Tower administration is re-designing the first floor’s interior layout. My recordings will be the only “onsite” remnant of this original structural element once it is removed. That is this other picture, of the balustrade with the arches below it, image by Franc Palaia.

The cataloging of Day 6 starts tomorrow.