The stats to date: Day 6 provided roughly 800 raw samples yielding roughly 206 chosen samples.

The sum of the 6 days’ recording so far is roughly 5321 total listened-to samples yielding roughly 1578 total chosen samples.

I’m now past the halfway mark in terms of days but if memory serves, not halfway thru the number of samples. Still, this is a psychological milestone and I’m happy to be here. Most of this day was spent at or near the northeast service stairs behind “Le Boutique Officiel.” Here are some shots of the team at work:

Surprising we didn’t experience this in such abundance earlier, but today’s samples were rife with such background interference as ambulance sirens, an overhead plane and (mostly) the elevator cables & gears. This was unavoidable as we were directly alongside the machinery for the lifts. I wasn’t able to salvage all the samples, but I did pretty well minimizing the noise on those I did save. We noticed all this as we were working, but what can one do? Once I start assembling the finished sounds into my instrument (another job that will take weeks) I’ll see how crippling this really is. At the moment I don’t think it’s too bad because many of this location’s sounds are somewhat duplicated in other areas we’ve been to already. Not exactly, but somewhat.

These service stairs are directly behind one of the restaurants. In fact, we started at about 10am and around 11:30 the manager came down to us saying: “We’ve been hearing these knocks and dings all morning. We were looking into our equipment to find the source before we opened for business and couldn’t figure out the problem. We are SO happy to have found that it is you and not something going wrong in our facilities. Of course now you must stop because our diners can’t be disturbed like this while they are eating!” So much for serenading his customers for tips!

This whole process is mind-numbingly tedious, but I must honestly say the excitement and encouragement regarding Tower Music in your conversations, e-mails, tweets, etc., re-activates and refreshes me to work harder to bring this project to fruition. Now…..Day 7 awaits!