We’re off to a interesting start here in Paris. Our audio engineer Paul Kozel left for Newark airport at 3:00 PM for a 7:00 PM flight Friday and was stuck in Memorial Day traffic for nearly 4 hours, missing his flight. Adjustments were made so we could allow him to arrive and participate in the team meeting.

Saturday the team still in the process of settling in after hours of travel, with Joseph
Bertolozzi, Joe Popp, Kyle Griffin, and Robert Bellach arriving that day, and Jeff Gertin,
Franc Palaia (who also suffered some travel difficulty, with a 24+ set of delays) having just gotten here a few days earlier.

Today (Sunday), we had our first staff meeting, the first time the full team has met in person. It was delayed slightly due to the aforementioned travel concerns, as well as this large rally:

Logistics of all kinds were covered at the meeting, from arrangements with the group running the Eiffel Tower, to the cataloging of sound samples, to the various kinds of mallets that will be used.

Afterwords, we gathered for this group photo:

Tower Music team, 5-26-13

From left to right: Franc Palaia, Kyle Griffin, Paul Kozel, Joe Popp, Joesph Bertolozzi, Robert Bellach, Jeff Gertin, and Joseph Redwood-Martinez.

Monday brings our very first recordings! Updates to follow.