Great first day on the Eiffel Tower Monday, we met with the admin, got our badges and started to vet our first day’s locations.

Banging the tower fence on Monday, photo by Franc Palaia

Paris had good weather, but it changed throughout the day, at times overcast & breezy, then sunny, then cold… and so on. The team worked mainly on the second floor, over 100 individual takes completed. Kyle Griffin kept everyone on time and the process moving ahead; Paul Kozel made sure all the recordings were saved; Joe Popp worked on mic placement; Franc Palaia took photos of the team in action; Joseph Redwood-Martinez took video footage; Jeff Gertin kept a log of what/when/how each take was recorded, and Robert Bellach informed curious passers-by of the Tower Music project.

Tuesday’s weather was more consistent, but unfortunately it was rain and wind. Despite this, the team still managed to be productive, again bringing in sound files in the triple digits.

Each day, there are new surfaces to explore and new sounds to capture. Stay tuned here, as well as Facebook and Twitter for updates!