Pitching the Eiffel Tower – 2/6

DAY 2 November 8, 2010
Not much to report. It was a day to recover from the flight, unpack and fully comprehend that I was about to ask the guardians of a world treasure to let me take a whack at it in the name of art.

My room was very cozy (in fact it’s is advertised as the ‘Cozy Carpeaux‘ from Feels Like Home in Paris…”Hotels give you a room. We give you a home.”), and conducive to the study and preparation I had ahead of me.

I got up, walked thru cats-and-dogs rain to buy some food, a couple baguettes, small block of cheese, salami, some fruit. Came back, prepared a meal, practiced my pitch and collected my thoughts, preparing for any question that might be thrown my way. Called my girls back home.

The solitude was exactly what I needed.