Pitching the Eiffel Tower – 3 of 6 (Part 1)

DAY 3 – Part 1, November 9, 2010

Cafe du 2 Moulins - from "Amelie" the movie

I got up at around 11am after struggling with sleep and how to set my alarm clocks the night before. I went out in search of the “Cafe de Deux Moulins” where the movie ‘Amelie‘ was shot.

My daughter loves the movie and I hoped to get a souvenir or two for her, but all they had were paper placemats for the tables, and they were all out of those! So I kept the Orangina bottle that I had ordered and the waitress kindly gave me a few business cards. I took a few pix inside then walked out and shopped for my little girl, knowing that, with Thurs being a national holiday [Armistice Day], most things would be closed when I finally had some time to relax.

I then went to the Metro and successfully got to the Eiffel Tower; successfully because I can get lost even when holding a map in my hands as I am walking.

Becky Kelly & Peter Emminger

I was to meet with my Technical Director Peter Emminger and his wife, director Becky Kelly.

I got there a little early and scoped it out, determining there wouldn’t be a significant difference between micing and performing on this structure for Tower Music than the Mid Hudson Bridge for Bridge Music. One difference though is the guards they have at the Eiffel Tower…these troopers were scary looking. Scarred, mustachioed, and steroid fed, they would deter me from making them mad.

After meeting up with Peter & Becky, we walked around the Tower a few times, and then went back to my apartment where we reviewed the next day’s presentation. They both were excellent and right on target with their comments. Tomorrow is the big day, let’s hope I bring the fire.