Pitching the Eiffel Tower – 4 of 6 (Part 2)

DAY 3 – Part 2, November 9, 2010

Eiffel Tower with Joseph Bertolozzi & Peter Emminger

Peter Emminger and Joseph Bertolozzi at the Eiffel Tower for Tower Music, 2010

After practicing my presentation with Peter and Becky for Tower Music, I decided to get a bite at “The Creperie,” a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant  just adjacent to my apartment building. It didn’t seem open but I pushed on the door and the proprietors Natalie & DJ (or as I later found out, “Didier”) jumped into action.

The place seemed like the entryway to a friend’s house or kitchen, very small, informal and homey, with unusual things hanging on the walls like a curtain rod held by 2 canvas construction gloves extending from the wall itself, giving the impression that, for some unspeakable crime, a dockworker was sealed up in the wall, fated to hold the curtains for eternity. The kitchen was in the left back corner of this single room restaurant, and it was separated from the five or so tables by a chest-high wall with a counter top, completely filled up (like in a friend’s place) with potted plants, a flashlight, playing cards, bowls holding letters, a tissue box, bowls holding who-knows-what, knick knacks, some children’s drawings, etc.

"Nino" from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As I entered, “Nino” the house dog jumped up and greeted me like my brother-in-law Sean’s dogs, front paws on my chest. I went in, sat down and looked at the menu. From the outside it seemed like they only had dessert-type crepes, but they had all kinds of different things on the menu, and very reasonably priced. I went with a salad with ham, a big wedge of cheese, greens and fried potatoes and then a Tandoori Chicken Crepe, or ‘Galette,’ the distinction I think being the crepe itself was made with a certain type of flour. Natalie and DJ were very nice and chatty, and the whole vibe of the place was relaxed and informal. I witnessed a towel snapping exchange between them, which turned into towel snapping the counter and the drawers trying to perfect their technique when Marie walked in with Svetlana and Vasily, HER two dogs.

"Vasily" by posterize at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

"Svetlana" by Karen Shaw at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The dogs came up to me, circled around a little and then Nino and Svetlana sat on my shoes while Vasily sat himself right in front of me in his perfect I’m-a-dog-sitting-at-the-table-hoping-you’ll-either-feed-me-or-drop-something” pose. What could I do? I just ate and enjoyed the food [which was terrific by the way….going again].

Soon Natalie and DJ went out on the sidewalk to have a smoke and drink a glass of wine. Evidently while it is against the law to smoke inside, drinking alcohol on the street is OK.

Nino sat up and, being done with my food, I began scratching his neck and shoulders, which he seemed to enjoy. Then Svetlana stood up wanting in on the action so before you know it, for all to see through the floor-to-ceiling glass storefront windows, there I was massaging two French dogs in a restaurant. Vasily had walked over the other side of the table and either was unimpressed or didn’t see what was going on.

In time I made it back up to my apartment where I shall presently begin my final run-throughs of tomorrow’s presentation and shine my shoes.

Will let ya know how that goes.