Yes it was only six days ago I finished Day 7, but Day 8 was a short day and I had my nose to the grindstone this week, so another one down!

The stats to date: Day 8 provided roughly 496 raw samples yielding roughly 124 chosen samples.

The sum of the
8 days’ recording so far is roughly 7287 total listened-to samples yielding roughly 2113 chosen samples.

Three more recording days to catalog! Days 9 and 11 were shorter days…the one in the middle, Day 10 was the heaviest of all the recording days, maybe three times as long as the ones I just finished, so there’s still lots of work coming up. We spent all of Day 8 in restricted areas, so I can’t show you any  pix, but here’s a nice shot of the main recording team, Joe Popp, myself and Paul Kozel.

Jeffrey Gertin, our man logging the takes, is pictured here at work with Paul.
I wouldn’t be able to locate any of these sounds now without his critical input.

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